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Do you like to use your brain? Do you like solving puzzles? Do you want to compare yourself with other solvers?
PuzzleDuel site allows you to solve new puzzles every day as well as to compete with other solvers online. You and your rival will get the same puzzle simultaneously and will solve it together. The one who makes the most contribution is a winner.
Rules are simple and accessible for everyone. Your rival has been already waiting for you. Are you ready to start?


You can invite some player for duel if you want to play with him at the particular time. If this is registered player then just click at his name in the rating table. If you want to invite friend who is not yet registered then click to the button below and enter the email of invitee.
You should be registered to have posibility of invitations. You could also specify your email to obtain notifications about invitations.
After sending of invitations wait while your opponent accepts it and play.

Current rating

Fred77 251
AErshov 246
Andrey Bogdanov 230
Martin M 223
DavidC 220
Ксюша 198
Zmeya 189
Fred76 186
rob 184
PuzzleScot 167
Юхей Кусуй 155
purifire 152
Rupert Hänel 141
Siegfried Kuhn 138


Your goal is to fill in the grid with digits 1 through 9. Each row, column and outlined 3x3 square must contain every digit exactly once. Some digits are already placed.
Your rivals will solve the same puzzle simultaneously. A cell will be painted green if you put the digit faster than the rival and red in other case. You will see all digits which are placed by you as well as by your rival.
If you place wrong digit, then the cell will be counted to rival's score.
To put a digit, touch the selected cell and choose the digit.